The Power of Events, a not-for-profit organisation set up to champion the UK events industry, has reached its first £100,000 funding target.

Since it was launched in June, the Power of Events has built a community of 500 supporting organisations and partners, and organised action groups to develop content and wider industry engagement ahead of a platform launch next January.

The Power Of Events said it will showcase the UK Events Industry by defining the seven core event industry sectors and demonstrating the power of their social, cultural and economic contributions to the UK. It will work in partnership with universities to design and deliver research and data to that end. The platform is being developed to map the breadth and expertise of the UK events industry, underpinned by data and trend analysis.

The first target of £100,000 has been reached, with plans to extend the target to £200,000 in order to invest in enhanced resources.

The Power of Events founder Rick Stainton (pictured) said, “We value every contribution, large or small, as they help us to secure more enhanced resources in order to deliver both the platform and the app that we need to help us on our data drive for the UK events industry. We’ve stuck firm to the promises we’ve made previously – creating a compelling and creatively driven showcase of our industry for the benefit of everyone that works in events of all types across the seven key sectors. The more that we can invest in that, the better the outputs for all.”

Seven universities have signed up to take part in the research and three more are in final discussions. Two action groups looking at the research requirements have met to approve terms of reference and an initial development plan.

The Power of Event director Simon Hughes said, “We’ve got some really great people on board from the events industry who run businesses that specialise in data collection, handling and analysis – so the ability to combine that commercial expertise with the rigours of academia is really exciting.”

Recent supporters to sign up include Jack Morton, Identity, Production Bureau, Association of Black Event Professionals, ACC Liverpool, ArcTanGent Festival, Rego Group, AEME, MUTA, The Showman’s Show, The University of Greenwich and The University of Northampton.

Access All Areas has been a supporter of the Power of Events since launch.