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A new UK Careers Hub has been launched on The Power of Events platform in the week that the industry resource celebrates its one-year anniversary.

PoE says feedback from the industry after the platform’s launch in February 2023 was that information and guidance on careers in the event industry should be an essential feature.

The Careers Hub sits on the main platform as a resource designed to help guide people already in the industry as well as those looking to join it through various career opportunities. The initiative marks a significant milestone in The Power of Events’ commitment to nurturing and retaining talent.

For people looking to change roles, those looking to start their careers and those interested in events currently working in other industries, the hub is packed with information and links to advice, insight, and support. This includes the following five main routes into the industry

  • Direct employment
  • Event apprenticeships
  • Internships and placements
  • Skills courses
  • University and higher education.

There is also a glossary that reveals the breadth of job roles across all the different sectors.

The Careers Hub also includes links to some of the key support partners that have helped curate the content and can provide more information across these routes. The new project has been made possible due to PoE supporters, in particular from recruitment partners:  Lead partners ESMOS, Castlebell and Live Recruitment and partners Talent Circle and ESP Recruitment.

“At The Power of Events, we recognise the role that the UK events industry plays as a driver of innovation and economic growth,” says Rick Stainton founder of PoE, adding: “With the launch of the Careers Hub, we aim to identify the career development pathways across this dynamic industry and inspire both current and future event professionals.”

The other key feature of the Careers Hub is a glossary of circa 100 key roles within the industry, aiming to showcase the range of jobs, complete with descriptions and essential skills required for success.

For more information about the Careers Hub and to explore opportunities within the UK events industry, visit here.