The National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) CEO Susan Tanner has been voted onto the Business Visits & Events Partnership’s (BVEP) board as vice-chair.

The move follows BVEP’s appointment of Event Industry Alliance director Chris Skeith as its chair. Events industry umbrella body the BVEP has a membership of outdoor events sector trade associations including NOEA, which has been a member for over a decade

NOEA president Tom Clements said, “One of the small positives of the last 24 months has been the growth in influence that this industry has with government and the partnership between NOEA and the BVEP is a massive part of it.

“We’re delighted that this has been recognised within the BVEP, and once again we have a passionate and knowledgeable representative of the outdoor events industry on their board. They will be all the stronger for Susan’s input there.”

Tanner said, “Chris has worked tirelessly for the interests of everyone in the industry over the last 24 months and it means a lot to me personally and professionally to be supporting him as the new chair of the BVEP.

“Equally, we’re facing a massive year of both opportunities and threats within our own sector, and I’m keen that we continue to support the BVEP in representing our interests in front of government and beyond.”