The National Outdoor Event Association (NOEA) said it will cover topics including artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse at its upcoming convention.

NOEA said the conference content will also put focus on the process, role and execution of the event producers that sit behind high profile events. The event will see the return of the ‘SAG Live!’ workshops where the audience can watch, and input into, a modern-day safety advisory group meeting.

As well as future gazing content, the event will also explore subjects such as Martyn’s Law and the role of event catering in designing live experiences. Sustainability will also be discussed in depth.

The NOEA Futures Convention & Awards will take place on 22 November in Bath. The day convention will take place in a new venue, The Hilton Garden Inn, Bath, with the evening awards returning to the Pump Rooms and Roman Baths.

“As an industry we’re now able to set our eyes a little further into the future and what challenges and opportunities it will bring. It’s the first time we’ve had the luxury of doing so and it will make for genuinely ground-breaking content, interesting conversations, and a new tone at the NOEA Convention,” said NOEA CEO Susan Tanner.

“As always, we’ll put our community at the centre of the event and in the middle of the discussion. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the amount of engagement we get at the convention, so many people come ready to openly share the best and worst of their experiences, so others can learn from them. This year, given the subjects we’re putting out there, will not only be insightful, but a lot of fun.”