Environmental pressure group Music Declares Emergency has partnered with music industry organisations and artists to host a week of events and initiatives calling for unity and action on the climate crisis.

Under the banner #NoMusicOnADeadPlanet, Turn Up The Volume Week will take place from 18-24 April and will be centred on Earth Day 2022.

Participating organisations include the Music Venue Trust (MVT), the BPI, the European Arenas Association, Julie’s Bicycle, Planet Resolution, EarthPercent, Involved Music Group, Key Production and Ecolibirum.

Events and initiatives to take place across the week include the #golocal campaign, in partnership with MVT, which encourages people to take public transport to support their local venue. It will also include the launch of the MDE Music Industry Climate Packs, which aim to help all areas of the music industry improve sustainability.

The week will also feature Resolution Song, a cast of musicians including KT Tunstall, Iraq’s Naseer Shamma and The Soweto Gospel Choir performing a song that calls for peace, unity and global action on the climate; the launch of Music Declares Emergency US and Portugal; and a panel discussion with Tamara Lindeman of The Weater Station, Sophie Cowen of Switchit.green, Steve Wayman of AVIVA, Sophie Schnapp of EarthPercent and Anneka Deva of Money Movers.

Music Declares Emergency was founded in 2019 in conjunction with charity Julie’s Bicycle. Among its signatories are Festival Republic, SJM Concerts, MVT, Crosstown Concerts and the Association of Independent Music.