London Zoo hosted an ‘Into the Wild’ summer showcase on 6 March, to familiarise attendees with the venue and promote it as a host of conferences and events.

The evening featured glass bear costumes, circus performers, a variety of animals including an armadillo and a llama, a carousel, photo booth and plenty of food and drink.

The Prince Albert Suite has been refurbished by CH&CO, and has capacity for 300 guests. It is designed with an eco-friendly ethos, using carpets recycled from discarded fishing nets and energy saving lights.

Simon Maples, ZSL commercial manager said: “We have created a space at ZSL London Zoo which reflects our values and years of expertise.

“From the energy-saving lights to our flooring made from recycled fishing nets pulled from our oceans by ZSL’s Net-Works conservation project, every detail encompasses our ethos.

“By hosting your event at ZSL London Zoo you are supporting our vision to create a world where wildlife thrives.”

A selection of photos can be viewed below.

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