Drone technology company Verity Studios recently brought a display of dancing drones to The Dubai Mall, to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The show, titled Talisman, featured 44 autonomous Lucie micro drones flying together to form clusters of light, flying strobes and even fireworks in the Star Atrium, during a performance accompanied by projections, lasers and film.

Raffaello D’Andrea, founder and CEO of Verity Studios, commented: “Verity Studios is constantly looking to push the boundaries of drone technology as a creative medium and Talisman is a compelling example of what can be achieved by incorporating drone technology with other, more traditional effects. We’ll continue to pioneer industry-changing developments for the live events market.”

The Lucie micro drones fly their pre-programmed choreographies autonomously, meaning a single operator can launch any number of drones. The micro drones can locate themselves in space and perform their choreographies using Verity’s proprietary indoor positioning system.