US-based Skyworx Drone Shows, producer for The Global Drone Network (GDN), delivered a 12-minute, 500-drone show at the 50,000-capacity Isle of Wight Festival last weekend.

Skyworx founder and CEO Taylor Woodall said, “We believe this is the largest drone show presented at any UK festival to date.”

Skyworx presented the show at the close of all four nights of the festival, with support from UK company AeroAVA which handled all UK regulatory permissions and flight crew for the project. The display was flown between 15-18 June at Seaclose Park, Newport.

Reflecting on the sustainability aspects of the project, AeroAVA managing director Tom Rees said, “This is definitely the future route for large-scale international drone shows. Working collaboratively, we have been able to support Skyworx and the Isle of Wight Festival by providing regional resources while reducing environmental impact to deliver a highly memorable display for the crowd.”

Rees added, “The technology we both use is creatively very dynamic, versatile and a more sustainable alternative for outdoor displays because they produce no combustion gases or noise. Battery-powered, they create no residual debris and are reusable, leaving the performance space exactly as found.”