Secondary ticketing platform TicketSwap has upgraded its app to include Spotify Connect and a new feature that allows users to upload PDFs and access tickets when offline.

The new Ticket Import feature allows users to upload any PDF into their TicketSwap Ticket Wallet to store all tickets in one place. Users can save any ticket or PDF file to their Wallet including those acquired from another seller or reseller.

The latest update also includes a new function to share individual tickets with others to avoid the hassle of dividing tickets at the entrance to events.

TicketSwap said the “platform agnostic approach” allows music and theatre fans to access all tickets in any PDF format to all types of events in one place and, if needed, sell these tickets on TicketSwap. The TicketSwap Wallet features offline functionality, allowing users to access tickets at any time, in any place.

TicketSwap head of product Dennis Mensen said, “This new way of importing and storing tickets within the TicketSwap app provides music and live event fans a streamlined and organised approach to managing their tickets. As a fan-fanatical company, we are happy to simplify ticket management and brings together the accessibility, storage and sharing of tickets with this new feature.”

Spotify Connect is now integrated into the TicketSwap app, meaning users can follow artists on the TicketSwap app. This will automatically generate a range of event recommendations based on user preferences.