Customers are increasingly purchasing tickets last minute, according to research by event management and ticketing platform Eventbrite.

The average time between ticket purchase and show date is down 26% from 2022 to 2024, based on Eventbrite’s data from the US.

In addition, 57% of Eventbrite’s tickets have been sold a week or less from the show date so far in 2024.

Venues and promoters are responding by creating shorter on-sale windows. For sold-out shows, the average time between on-sales and show is 41% shorter than it was pre-pandemic.

Venues and promoters are also using add-ons to generate additional revenue. The top three add-ons used for shows so far this year are: bottle service, table reservations and VIP packages.

Marketing tools that offer data-based targeting and AI enhancements deliver stronger results, according to the data. Events promoted with Eventbrite Paid Social Ads sold on average three and a half times more tickets.

Meanwhile, shows that use promo codes get two times more more views and increase their sell-through rate by 15%.

All statistics were derived from Eventbrite’s US data, including event data and website / app data.