A hacking group has claimed to have breached Ticketmaster and stolen the personal data of 560 million of the Live Nation-owned ticketing company’s users.

ShinyHunters claimed the 1.3 TB of stolen data, which also includes payment details, is now being offered for sale on Breach Forums for a one-time sale for $500,000, according to a report by Hackread.

The hacking group said it has accessed sensitive user information, including full names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, ticket sales and event details, order information and partial payment card data.

According to the report, ShinyHunters said it has attempted to contact Ticketmaster regarding the breach but has yet to receive a response. Ticketmaster has not yet commented on the claims.

This is not Ticketmaster’s first issue with cybersecurity. Last year the company said ticket sales for Taylor Swift’s concerts were disrupted by a bot-driven attack. This came two years after Ticketmaster was found guilty of hacking into a rival company, Songkick, to obtain confidential information, which led to a $10 million settlement.

Last week, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and 30 US States launched an antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation demanding that its union with Ticketmaster be broken up in order to address the company’s alleged market dominance.