Ticketfly co-founder Dan Teree has announced the creation of a new company called Big Neon, which plans to launch a blockchain-enabled ticketing platform with the help of a few custom blockchain development services.

The platform will leverage digital assets protocol Tari to manage the issuance and resale of tickets. It hopes to combine the primary and secondary ticketing markets, allowing music promoters to regain control over their ticket sales and engage with their fans.

It will be open source, meaning ticketing companies all over the world will be able to leverage Big Neon’s codebase for their own usage. Developers and entrepreneurs who are working on digital assets projects related to in-game items, digital collectibles, loyalty points and more will be able to use libraries, patterns and other code from Big Neon to speed development.

Teree commented: “Big Neon is still very much in development, and we welcome contributors who are passionate about building the future of event ticketing and digital assets to collaborate with us.

“I think live entertainment ticketing and blockchain technology like the Tari digital assets protocol are on an inevitable collision course.

“With blockchain-based management of digital assets such as tickets, event promoters will finally be able to recapture revenues that are currently lost to the secondary market. From my vantage, it’s the biggest innovation in the ticketing industry since the first ticket was sold online.”

Big Neon has already secured multi-year, multi-million dollar ticketing contracts with several venues across the United States.

Jeff Whitmore, founder of San Francisco club Public Works, commented: ​“From what I’ve seen so far, I’m pretty damn confident the Big Neon team will deliver more innovation and genuine customer service in their first year than the other ticketing companies have in the last decade.

“With Big Neon, I feel that I’ve got a voice that is actually listened to. And let’s face it, the industry can use a good swift kick in the $%#!. My money is on Big Neon to provide that kick.”