TicketCo has launched podcast series, TicketingPodcast.com, with the aim of engaging with and promoting ticketing managers.

The podcast is hosted by TicketCo CEO Carl-Erik M Moberg, with six guests featured in the first season, which is now live.

TicketCo said each guest stars in two episodes; one main episode for an industry expert audience and one shorter bonus episode for the general audience.

Moberg is joined by Burnley FC head of ticketing Chris Parkinson; F.C. Copenhagen ticketing and customer service manager Mikkel Bjerre; Everton FC senior manager – ticketing Georgia Bekyra; Wrexham AFC head of tickets and memberships Peter Wynne; Birmingham City FC head of ticketing and disability coordinator Aamir Javaid; and Two Circles director Paul Williamson.

Moberg said, “After having recorded this first season, I have to say that our guests have delivered more great stories and valuable insights than ever I dared to dream of when we started to plan this initiative six months back.

“The unsung heroes of the spectator sports and events industries are the ticketing managers. But who are they? Where do they come from? What are their well-kept industry secrets? This is what TicketingPodcast.com is determined to reveal.

“We see that there are enormous amounts of insights out there, but no easily accessible channels where these insights can be shared. So, we made one ourselves.”