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New Access White Paper debunks industry myths

“Events are breathing new life into regional economies, boosting local businesses and creating a culturally rich and lucrative future for UK Plc, says a ground-breaking report by Access All Areas, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) and We Are the Fair.

The events revolution has seen UK festival numbers swell from a handful in the 90s to more than 1,000 last year, netting £5bn for UK Plc. Despite this, negative media coverage has warped public and institutional perceptions.

The Political Economy of Informal Events, 2030 debunks common myths about event-related crime, and outlines emerging growth areas on both a micro and macro level. The results present a strong case for promoting the medium of events to local authorities and planners.”


New venue Magazine London releases ‘first look’ video

Magazine London has released a new video, providing a first look at the progress being made on the in-construction venue. It showcases how Magazine’s identity is being forged through a combination of modern, minimal architecture and enigmatic graphic design.

The venue has been conceived by Vibration Group, whose creative director is a regular columnist in Access. You can read his latest piece online here, in which he discusses how a £50m turnover company can remain flexible and still provide boutique appeal.


The results are in…

Last week, we asked you to pick what upcoming festivals you were most excited about in our poll of the week.

The results came back a little lopsided, however, after the folks down at Black Deer Festival cottoned on to our poll, and sent a legion of country music fans to support them via Twitter. We salute you, pardners. Make sure you visit our must-know artists poll and vote for Johnny Cash ten times.


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