Simeon Aldred, group creative director, Vibration Group talks size

At Vibration Group we learnt a very valuable lesson about half way through our current business life which revolutionised our growth as a business, nearly doubling our profits in one principle.

As regular readers will know, we are a £50M+ turnover organisation, with businesses across a wide range of event sectors. Sounds great, right?

Well, to loads of our clients this was a massive turn off. Being bigger than your client; having more staff than your client; being the biggest player in the market was nearly always wrong for our clients.

Our clients wanted and still want event suppliers and brands that reflect them, so if they are boutique, they want cool, boutique supply.

If they are a big promoter, they want heavy-lifting, large-scale production.

Our lesson was to have the scale and flex in our group to match our clients’ needs: be big when they need you to be big and be small when they want small.

We have kept our many event brands and investments as independently run as possible from the main Vibration Group brand so we can keep to this key principle of big and small.