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The O2 has reopened its shopping facilities and released plans for how it plans to reopen Up at The O2, although shows remain cancelled with no return date.

In line with government guidance that allows shops to reopen from 15 June, The O2 has reopened its Icon Outlet shopping facilities. These shops will all make use of new hygiene measures, distancing and one-way systems to avoid overcrowding.

Payments will be card only, and all shops will be regularly deep cleaned, alongside public areas.

Up at The O2, the attraction which allows visitors to walk on the venue’s domed roof while strapped to a harness, will be opening in early July. Venue managers are currently figuring out how to reopen this attraction in line with government guidelines.

The rest of the O2, including The O2 Arena, remains closed. No return date has yet been given.

In May, The O2 awarded it’s ‘longest residency’ to the NHS, overtaking Prince and Take That, after the venue served as an NHS training facility for 44 days.

Janine Constantin-Russell, Managing Director of Icon Outlet said: “We are more than fortunate to have a large, well ventilated space alongside an experienced team who are on hand to ensure all of our visitors and staff can comfortably enjoy a safe and welcoming shopping experience. All of our brands have been busy restocking and updating their product offering and we are looking forward to reopening the doors of our outlet shops for a memorable day out.”