Production Resource Group (PRG), has announced two product innovations that are powering Beyonce & Jay-Z’s latest tour.

The PRG Infinity Spaceframe is a kinetic backdrop onstage, while the PRG Ingest archives camera images created on tour. Both are being used for the ‘On the Run II’ tour.

The former was launched in 2017 for U2’s Joshua Tree tour, and ‘On the Run II’ is the second tour to feature it. All of its rigging and support structures are integrated into the back, so they are invisible from audience view.

Frederic Opsomer, managing director of PRG Projects, said: “Designing custom LED and video solutions for live events is a core part of what PRG Projects does. Beyond what we develop for PRG, we work directly with designers to create unique staging solutions that allow them and performers to be as creative as possible.

We are constantly thinking of what is next, how do we improve on what we’ve already done. The new Infinity Spaceframe allows for movable LED screens in an operational-effective set up, which aids the dynamic energy Beyonce, Jay-Z and other performers create during the show.”

PRG Ingest is a new technology that captures concert footage in real time from 24 isolated camera feeds. Each feed is ‘ingested’ in the server, processed, and pushed via the network to an external storage drive.

Traditionally, footage from a single camera is captured on a single recorder, then after a show, each file on the drive is copied over to a separate hard drive. This is an intensive process that can take many hours.

Wolfgang Schram, director of video engineering at PRG, said: “With the Ingest system, we can create a show record on an external drive of all channels in nearly real-time, and still have a back-up copy if anything goes wrong.”