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The Fair has released a behind-the-scenes documentary which follows the festival production company around on-site at a range of events last summer.

The company said the documentary aims to highlight industry challenges such as increasing supply chain costs and why the events sector “deserves further support”.

‘It Takes A Village’ follows the production team on site at UK festivals, including Boiler Room: London, Eastern Electrics, El Dorado, Maiden Voyage, Gottwood, Savour Food Festival and the world’s largest talent acquisition festival, RecFest in Knebworth Park.

Against the backdrop of rising costs, the documentary also explores challenges including extreme weather and rail strikes which affected several events last summer.

One in six UK festivals that were around in 2019 were no longer around in 2023, according to the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF). Several more have been lost in 2024, with Standon Calling and NASS among the recent cancellations.

The Fair / WeGroup CEO Nick Morgan said, “I’ve been very vocal around the cultural crisis we’re facing. Never has it been so important that the sector is supported by government. Hopefully this documentary highlights all the hard work our industry does, and the need for more support.”

The Fair / WeGroup group director Yasmin Galletti said, “On site colleagues are family to us, and this close community culture is something we feel should be celebrated. Against the backdrop of challenges being faced across the events sector, we wanted to highlight the hard work that goes into what we do, and why festivals are vital for society. We’ve fought some tough battles over the years, but again, the industry must rally together to save what we love most.”

The documentary is available to view on YouTube and The Fair website.