Skiddle, a UK-based ticketing site, has introduced what it claims is the ticket industry’s first booking fee credit system.

While it remains an industry standard among ticket companies to retain booking fees when events are cancelled or postponed in order to cover costs, in light of the current Covid-19 crisis Skiddle has rejected this practice, seeking instead to put money back into the accounts of its customers.

Now when a customer claims a refund, Skiddle will give them the option to claim the full booking fee amount as credit, which can then be used on a future purchase (up to twelve months later).

Skiddle Co-Founder Ben Sebborn said: “We know that many people are facing up to tough financial situations in the wake of the pandemic, and though this is only a small measure, it is something we can do now to help our customers out.

“If we’re being honest, the press surrounding the ticketing industry during this time has not been great, with some companies actively moving to block refunds. That’s something we strongly disagree with. Skiddle is a company built by music fans for music fans, fairness and transparency are at the heart of everything we do.”