Silverstone has partnered with event safety specialist Halo Solutions to improve communications across all events at the 140,000-capacity motor racing venue, including the British Grand Prix on Saturday, 18 July.

The Halo System will be used by Silverstone to connect all the agencies on site to one system. The company said that with “multi-agency-logging” in place, all agencies will be provided with a view of what their ground team are reporting, which they can then share. Silverstone will be provided with one overall, top-down, view in realtime, with images, including CCTV. The aim of the syetem is to maximise the effectiveness of response teams and reduce response times.

Silverstone’s delivery teams and contractors will be able to record incidents using Halo in real-time, via mobile and desktop applications. Features include an un-editable audit trail for all incidents and tasks, simplified data entry with “clearly defined forms” to ensure only essential information is entered, together with the option to use voice typing and include images.

Silverstone head of security Peter Downing said, “Since our first race on the 2 October 1948 when we welcomed an estimated 10,000 people at the first British Grand Prix we have prided ourselves on the safety and security of fans, spectators, competitors, staff and volunteers. Our events are bigger than ever and as the business has continued to evolve we have been looking for a suitable software platform to support the management of our larger public events.

“The Halo software has so much to offer on the back of an experienced team who know the tools the event industry needs to ensure the running of an event safely and efficiently.”

Halo Solutions CEO and co-founder Lloyd Major said, “Seeing Halo come to life behind the scenes, supporting the wonderful people who put this event on, keeping everyone safe, is always a humbling experience and that is especially true when working on events of this magnitude.”