In this guest blog, ticket brokers investigate the earning potential of major events and social media, taking a look at how much top footballers are making on the platform.


Footballers are some of the most recognisable athletes in sports. They are adored by millions of fans across the world, and to better connect with their favourite players, these supporters actively engage with them on various social media platforms.

In turn, brands realise the significant impact and authority these star names have on the purchasing decisions of their followers – hence reach out to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to explore sponsorship possibilities.

Interested in footballs biggest influencers, TicketGum utilised data from ‘Influencer Marketing Hub’, to calculate how much 50 renowned footballers from Europe’s top five leagues (Premiership, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1) could earn on average from a single sponsored post opportunity on their official Instagram account.

Based on his present Instagram following, the Premierships top scorer last season, Mohamed Salah, can earn £63,668.25 per sponsored post. Consequently, the dynamic striker can buy 1,158 Liverpool home shirts and 93 season tickets for Anfield with that amount.

In Spain, nine-time La Liga winner Lionel Messi has the potential to earn £213,318.05 from an Instagram sponsored post on his account. This translated to spending power would mean the exhilarating Argentina having enough to get an astonishing 3,282 Barcelona home shirts and 1,432 season tickets for the Camp Nou.


From all the players considered, five-time Champions League winner Cristiano Ronaldo has the capability to earn the most from an Instagram sponsored post- at a colossal £306,288.52. The free-scoring Portuguese can splash the cash on 3,877 Juventus home shirts and 529 seasons tickets at the Allianz Stadium with the financial rewards from just one sponsored Instagram post. At present, to increase your profile visibility, people tend to buy Instagram followers, so that their reach can be increased and so their popularity along with their fame.

A spokesperson from commented: “These days, footballer’s influence extends beyond the pitch. Social media has allowed players to better connect with their fans. Giving them various platforms to showcase their lifestyle, opinions and personality.

“As players consistently do so, the more captivating their profiles become. Subsequently, they garner a large following on different social media channels. The research highlights the additional riches these footballers can expect to achieve when deliberating any Instagram sponsorship possibilities offered to them to promote a given brands products or services.”