One Industry One Voice (OIOV), the coalition of associations and businesses created to champion the entire events industry, has been expanded and rebranded The Power of Events (UK).

The recently formed collaborative not-for-profit organisation has been built on the back of OIOV, which was launched in July 2020 to represent seven core event industry sectors, including outdoor events and festivals, and provide a collaborative campaign vehicle during the pandemic.

OIOV and The Power Of Events founder Rick Stainton said the newly rebranded initiative will provide a dynamic, formalised and appropriately financed structure, developed in partnership with the core sectors’ main associations and 10 of the leading University Event faculties across the UK.

Stainton said the priorities are to deliver a comprehensive online communications hub alongside an industry research app and evaluation platform: “It will demonstrate the broad range of skillsets and career opportunities to attract a more diverse and inclusive talent mix, alongside an industry map clarifying the breadth and variety of these live experiences with the wide range of supply chain expertise needed to deliver them.”

He said the website will support existing trade associations and organisations by signposting to their information, resources, and campaigns, while The Power of Events will also research and communicate the social and economic impact of events across the UK.

“The Power of Events’ new revolutionary comms hub will essentially be the one place to go for anyone that wants to learn more about the wider industry,” said Stainton. “Rich in content and kept current, it will work in parallel with an engagement app that all event professionals will be encouraged to download once launched later in the year.”

The Power of Events consists of a taskforce made up of around 25 representatives from across the seven core event industry sectors, including BVEP (business), LIVE and NTIA (music), EIF (outdoor/festivals), and the PSA and PLASA. Members are signed up to Action Groups to support the planned activation of the initiative.

Stainton said taskforce association members and wider support organisations have offered their commitment and financial start-up funding support. The Power of Events has had offers of individual startup grant contributions and support of more than £1000 but he said a minimum level of £500 for any organisation that wants to support would be the most equitable approach.

An overview of the The Power of Events can be accessed here.