The event catering market is changing, and Moving Venue by Smart – the event caterer specialising in the heritage and landmark venues market – is well placed to highlight these trends.

Local produce, sourced from local larder

London’s markets are an incredible resource and have become a go to for Moving Venue, providing an amazing array of heritage breeds and varieties. As event organiser become more aware of what their guests eat and where it comes from there has been an increasing demand for sustainably sourced produce from a trusted supplier.

More casual dining experiences

The rising popularity has been reflected in the recent Top 100 Restaurant, with the likes of Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs, The Dairy and Honey & Co influencing a greater call for alternative set-ups.

Tapas style platters and sharing menus

Going arm-in-arm with the call for more casual dining experience there have been many more requests for a more communal, social experience where guests can sample multiple tastes of exquisitely prepared food.

Keeping it simple

The greater call for locally sourced produce has also seen a return to basics, simple preparations which lets each ingredient speak for itself, enhancing the flavour, not masking it. There has been a definite turn away from the molecular gastronomy so ubiquitous a couple of years ago to more traditional techniques of brining, sousing and pickling.

Healthier eating

The conferencing and meetings sector has been placing a greater focus on providing catering which maintains the stamina of delegates throughout the day. Methods include incorporating more pulses and fresh vegetables, and looking to Mediterranean styles of cooking to create a healthier experience.

Clients who have brought into this include the Association of Online Publishers, requesting new and innovative cuisine and presentation for their events.

Richard Beggs, managing director of Moving Venue said: “We’re experiencing another successful summer, working with some of London’s most iconic spaces. Building on last year, it’s clear that the UK hospitality market is in good health and growing, nowhere is this more so than in the in the historic and landmark sector. We have also become aware of a growing demand for packages and menus which are more relevant to emerging trends. For example more multi-course tasting menus for an increase of smaller, intimate occasions or Michelin-standard table d’hote banqueting for numbers in excess of 500.”