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London venue caterer, Moving Venue, has launched the Moving Venue Catering Academy for aspiring event professionals.

Launching in September 2024 and running for six months, the inaugural Moving Venue Catering Academy will consist of six modules covering venue event catering, sales and marketing, planning, operations, provenance and product and kitchen and menu development.

The course will culminate in a Spring/Summer menu showcase, where mentees will collaborate with their mentors, and peers, in an event to celebrate the completion of the course, demonstrating their acquired skills and highlighting the food that will be served at spring/summer 2025 events.

Moving Venue is currently accredited at more than 40 London venues including the Natural History Museum, Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Science Museum.

The programme includes workshops, menu development, competitions, and onsite experience across the Moving Venue accredited venue portfolio, all structured to build proficiency in event planning, execution, and management.

By collaborating closely with venue partners, the academy will create opportunities for participants to learn directly in the field, gain insights, and develop professional networks.

The programme is open to venue event professionals within Moving Venue’s Accredited venue portfolio.

Academy mentors include Chloe Jackson and Ben Paris, managing director and deputy managing director of Moving Venue, respectively, as well as creative marketing director Abby Squire, operations director Lee Bushnell and executive pastry chef Sarah Hartnett.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn from industry veterans Jonathan Attwood, Moving Venue’s creative director with 32 years of experience, and group executive Chef David Ridgway who brings 40 years of experience to the programme.

Upon completion of the course, participants will plan and execute a celebration finale marking Moving Venue’s 40th year.

Smart Group and Moving Venue managing director Chloe Jackson said, “We’re offering this program for free to give back to the sector and venue partners instrumental to our success. We look forward to seeing young professionals flourish under their mentors and join the list of industry leaders who began their careers at Moving Venue.”