The French Constitutional Council rejected an application by Viagogo and Ticketbis on Friday, which challenged the need for resold tickets to have the authorization of the organiser.

This means that ticket resale sites operating in France will still require the organisers permission to resell.

The argument developed by Viagogo and Ticketbis held that: “By introducing the contested provisions, the legislature has, on the one hand, intended to prevent disturbances to public order in certain events, particularly sporting events.

“The implementation of certain security measures, such as the administrative or judicial prohibitions of access to these events or the control of the placement of the audience, which rely on the identification of persons purchasing these titles, may be hampered by the resale of access rights.

“On the other hand, the legislator also wished to guarantee the access of the greatest number of consumers to the sporting events, cultural, commercial and live shows. In fact, the incrimination in question must make it possible to fight against the organization of an artificial increase in the price of tickets to these events and shows”.

Malika Séguineau, director of PRODISS, commented today: “This decision strongly reinforces the French law. The law protects the consumers, the fans, the artists and the promoters, against the drifts engendered by the illicit resale of tickets.

“We welcome today’s decision, especially as PRODISS, alongside several promoters, have parallelly filed a criminal action against Viagogo. The judge is soon to be appointed. Our legal actions go alongside our campaign”