Fix the Tix, a coalition that includes NIVA, NITO, RIAA, Wasserman, UMG, and 25 other major U.S. live music and entertainment organisations, has released a plan for comprehensive ticketing reform.

The new proposal is designed to be both pro-artist and pro-consumer and provide a roadmap for the U.S. Congress to address live event ticketing’s “widely publicised failures”.

The plan is backed by a coalition of groups representing artists, actors, live entertainment workers, venues, festivals, performing arts, record labels, promoters, agents, managers, songwriters, consumers, and unions.

It said in a statement, “The current ticketing market exposes fans and artists to predatory resellers, fraudulent practices, and exorbitant prices.

“To combat these challenges, Fix the Tix calls on Congress to enact federal legislation that safeguards consumers from fake and speculative tickets, price gouging, and deceptive practices while ensuring transparency and integrity in the ticketing marketplace.”

The Fix the Tix Plan includes provisions to protect consumers from price gouging; ban speculative and fake tickets; end fraudulent resale practices; and ensure transparent ticket pricing.

It will also aim to guarantee fans the opportunity to resell their tickets to recoup their costs; ensure certainty in ticket-buying across the country; further ban ticket-buying bots; and protect consumers from consolidation.

The full plan can be found here.