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Events agency Badger & Fox is run by two sisters, Anna Bird (left) and Jenny Madeley (right), working between Kent and London. They draw inspiration from their Anglo-Swedish heritage.


How did you get started?

After having worked for years as freelancers, we decided to take the leap and set up on our own. Having seen the ups and down of this exciting industry we believed we had something else to give. Badger & Fox has been going for four years now. It has been an interesting and wonderful rollercoaster ride so far.


What have your career highlights been?

When clients come back to us again and again – how wonderful is that?! There have been so many. When we win a job, meet another interesting person and see how the conversation develops.  


How have events evolved in this time?

Since we started out over 20 years ago, events seem to have gone full circle. From face-to face to face-to-technology and back to face-to-face again.

The technology has, of course, moved on and in a very different way. Technology today allows the guest to be more involved and immersed. This does however call for a more creative approach to the event as a whole.

As a creative live events agency mainly concentrating on experiential, we didn’t get a lot of requests for corporate events, however in the past few years the corporate sector is getting more and more involved with how they communicate their messages more creatively. 

Brands are being more daring and most of all more personal. With social media being one of the biggest changes in how events have developed it is so interesting to see the difference in the event itself and the importance of the single picture story behind it – will it also communicate on-line? 

The Badger & Fox team

What does the future look like for events, and Badger & Fox?

We now live in a world where experiences are valued more than ever. A recent study found that 72% of Millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences rather that material things.

This can only be a good thing considering the high importance of environmental issues.

The study also shows that an experiential agency like Badger & Fox belongs to the future. We belong to it, rather than it to us. We are beyond excited about it! 


Pictured top: Badger & Fox were involved in an album pre-release party for Kacey Musgraves’ Golden Hour, which went on to win Album of the Year of the 2019 Grammy Awards.