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Noba event wi-fi, a supplier of wi-fi for events, has launched a new thermal camera screening system, designed to reduce the likelihood of Covid-19 carriers entering events.

The camera system is intended to be installed at entry points to venues, and can measure up to 300 people per minute. Temperature monitoring can be achieved within 0.2 seconds with an accuracy of +-0.3c, the company says.

The company says the screening stations can be adapted for venues of varying sizes, and used in combination with other hygiene or screening measures. They can be used for indoor and outdoor venues.

Noba Managing Director, Nick Taylor said: “We all want the live events industry back on its feet as soon as possible. Our team has years of experience integrating both hardware and software solutions for live events, which means we were perfectly placed to develop this service in rapid response to Covid-19 preventative measures.”

Noba event wi-fi is part of NobaTech Group.