Waste Baling Machines was crowned winner of the Showman’s Show‘s Green Supplier and Innovation Award for its self-contained RPU unit trialled at the 25,000-capacity Green Man Festival (pictured).

The award was voted for by the audience at Vision 2025’s Sustainable Event Summit on 18 October, following presentations by Instagrid, Reclaim Audio and Waste Bailing Machines.

Waste Bailing Machines’ unit made significant CO2E reductions at this year’s edition of Green Man, resulting in a 70% lower carbon footprint for removing recyclable waste. The unit processed 4.2T loose cardboard (190m3 condensed and baled into 19m3), 0.8T aluminium drink cans (36m3 crushed to 3m3) and glass (2.5 skiploads crushed down to 0.5 skips).

Green Man Festival recycling manager Matt Smith said, “[The unit] efficiently and effectively baled all the recyclable material, ensuring we could compact and transport it in the most environmentally friendly way possible.”

New Purple Guide chapter

The new Purple Guide Environmental Sustainability for Events Chapter was launched at the summit – announced by Vision: 2025 chair Chris Johnson (pictured right) and Event Industry Forum chair Steve Heap (left).

Heap said, “There is a collective voice within our industry that agrees action must be taken, which is why it felt right for the EIF to commission Vision: 2025 to coordinate the writing of this new chapter, to provide consistent, national guidance to benchmark sustainable best practice.

“Chris has ensured industry-wide consultation spanning commercial boundaries and included people from a range of other fantastic organisations doing some amazing work together for the common good. Drawing on information from far and wide means this chapter reflects the collective acceptance and commitment towards the event industry minimising our negative impact on the environment. We must act to leave a world suitable for the next generation to run festivals and outdoor events of the future.”

The contents of The Purple Guide chapter will be live to subscribers of the Purple Guide in the coming weeks with links to relevant guidance, legislation, and resources.

The best practices outlined in The Purple Guide have become accepted as industry standard for organisers, local authorities and suppliers, to comply with legislation and create safe events, along with being acknowledged to save lives.

Supporting the new environmental chapter, Vision: 2025 has also drafted a new Green Code of Practice.