Travel management company Ventur has launched an all-encompassing travel service for the conference and events industry.

The service aims to support the increasing travel and logistics needs of event organisers.  The service includes a dedicated team and a comprehensive package of digital tools and services.

Examples include:

Group portal

A management platform for group event organisers, allowing the event manager to handle multiple projects or groups at one time, keeping track of all their arrangements in one dashboard.

Traveller app

An app available to all partners, delegates and travellers with access to itineraries, travel notifications, and other useful travel tools.

24/7 support

A 24/7 line for travellers or bookers in need of urgent support, no matter the time zone, restrictions and regulations.

Ventur will also add a risk intelligence platform to its service offering this summer. This aims to help companies keep track of their travellers’ locations, alongside real-time updates and alerts on global risks or sudden events.

Ventur clients services director of sport and groups Eric Edwards said, “Though travel becomes more accessible by the day, it’s not as simple as it once was. It’s taking specialists up to 25% more time due to the extra considerations required, so we expect it will take even longer for those who aren’t travel experts.”

He added, “Event professionals are still navigating complicated Covid-19 requirements, restrictions and border updates. Brexit implications are also having an impact, from extra time needed on passports, to changes in custom logistics. Add onto that the increasing demand in the industry for greater duty of care, and health and safety measures, and all-together it has a huge impact on time and in-house capabilities.”

Ventur is launching its service to the conference and events industry at The Event Production Show, from 8-9 March at ExCeL, London.