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UK based startup, Container Clamps has launched its flagship product, Domino Clamps: a solution that allows almost anything to be attached to a shipping container safely and securely without damaging the container.

Founder and inventor Justin Beardell came up with the idea for Domino Clamps in 2014, while working as a production manager in the event industry. He was looking for a simple, reversible way of repurposing shipping containers for structural support and various other uses on site. When he realised this didn’t exist, he decided to create it.

Two years in the making, the finished product was designed by Beardell, assisted by a small team of product designers, engineers and structural engineers. It is manufactured exclusively in the UK, at a Midlands drop-forge that also produces engine components for the aerospace industry.

Domino Clamps attach to the container’s corner casting and can be easily removed and reused as required, which makes them suitable for use with hired containers, where permanently altering the container is not an option. They have already gained interest from event production and rigging companies, as well as in the modular building and container hire sector.

Founder Justin Beardsell said: “I’m very proud of how having brought this idea to life and look forward to seeing our customers use our product to realise their own ideas. There are an almost endless number of ways in which containers can be used and reused, and for each of those ways are a dozen more uses for Domino Clamps.”