TikTok, whilst a relatively new app, is already being utilised by brands for its potential.

Among those using the app includes sports teams who aim to use TikTok as a way to connect with their global fan base.

GolfSupport.com utilised data from the Influencer Marketing Hub to find out how much on average some of the world’s most valuable sports teams can make from promoting/advertising a product or service via posting on their official TikTok profile.

GolfSupport.com found that Barcelona FC earn the most. The 26-time top-flight Spanish League winners can make up to £671.00/€779.00/$879.00 from making promotional posts on their TikTok.

Coming in second are Liverpool FC have the potential to make £398.00/€463.00/$522.00 per post.

Golden State Warriors, the six-time national basketball association (NBA) champions, are in third place. Members of the team can make £397.00/€462.00/$521.00 from an advertising TikTok post.

Pittsburgh Steelers are the highest-ranking national football league (NFL) team at sixth place, with an earning potential of £117.00/€136.00/$153.00 for their promotional uploads on TikTok.

In last place are the Atlanta Falcons (NFL) and the Brooklyn Nets (NBA), only receiving £5.00/€5.00/$6.00 per TikTok post advertising/promoting a product or service.