TicketSellers, an event ticket retailer, has launched a platform offering flexibility of ticket refunding options.

Customers will now have the choice to refund, roll over to 2021, or donate/part-donate their tickets. These new options for refunds come after a number of events were forced to cancel or postpone due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Director at TicketSellers, Mo Jones, said: “This is an extremely challenging time and we want to make this process as easy for our customers as possible with the ultimate goal of supporting our organisers.

“With our software, options to partially refund a package gives people the freedom to make a choice that works best for them. For example, a customer might be up for rolling over their entry tickets to next year’s event providing they get a refund for an add-on like a bell tent, or they bought three tickets but one of their mates lost his job, so they only need a refund on one ticket.

“Not only is this flexibility great for customers but also fantastic for our organisers who don’t have to spend days on admin, collecting details via Google forms from their customers and then even longer processing refunds. Live data sheets show organisers exactly who has requested what and means we can process refunds in a timely and accurate manner.

“Demonstrating our ability to reduce refund requests and manage the accounts so accurately has given our merchant bank the confidence to allow us to continue to fund events, where other agents have turned off the tap, adding extra stress to organisers.”

Ticket holders will be able to log onto their accounts where they are presented with explanation text and options which are customisable per event.

Payments for instalment tickets can be paused, whilst refund requests for instalment tickets automatically refund any payments to date but exclude plans that had failed prior to the lockdown.

Jones added: “For fiercely independent organisers like Boomtown and Noisily, giving their loyal audiences the opportunity to help fund their future has offered a genuine lifeline to preserve the event. With a hole in this year’s calendar, customers are truly appreciating how much these events mean to them and genuinely want to help.  Our technology makes everyone’s lives easier, maximising options but reducing admin, which would take organisers weeks if done manually.

“Our unique platform has seen great success with many major events throughout the UK to date, and will continue rolling out in the coming weeks.”