Live events charity Ecolibrium has announced an investment of more than £650,000 in climate projects to address the impact of travel at events.

The investment came from Ecolibrium members since the charity began in 2016 through to 2023. Ecolibrium’s climate project partners include Temwa UK, Energy Garden, and Bristol Energy Co-operative.

The charity recently partnered with Ticketsellers to launch the industry’s largest travel survey for festivals.

Ecolibrium recently celebrated the investment at an event at Bristol’s Artist’s Residence. More than 80 members and supporters of the Ecolibrium community attended to hear from the Ecolibrium team and environmental project partners about the climate investment milestone.

Ecolibrium trustee and co-founder of Futerra agency, Ed Gillespie, said, “We’re on a long journey to change hearts and minds and it was good to stop and enjoy the view along the way and recognise our significant achievements, as we now refocus on the road ahead, energised to connect with the wider festival and events sector.”

The total investment to date is shown in key impact metrics:

  • £650,000+ invested in environmental restoration projects
  • 21,700+ acres of threatened rainforest protected to sink carbon & preserve biodiversity
  • 160+ members including live events, suppliers, artists and music industry companies
  • 65,880+ trees planted to regenerate ecosystems & create livelihoods.
  • 10 community-benefit renewable energy projects funded
  • 620,000+ event audiences engaged with climate action projects

In 2023, Ecolibrium worked with more than 50 members, including music festivals and their audiences, event conferences, sporting events, suppliers and artists.