International ticket buying and selling platform Ticketbis closed 2015 with €85m (more than £65m), a 57 per cent rise on 2014. 

This announcement comes in the wake of the company’s most successful month to date (February 2016), in which it achieved its highest number of transactions.

Jon Uriarte, Ticketbis CEO and co-founder said: “It’s incredibly important to us to maintain strong growth, particularly in our more mature markets such as Spain and the UK. We take great pride in these results in our sixth year of operations, a mark that most startups fail to reach.”

The company has expanded into more than 40 countries worldwide since launching in 2010.  In 2015, 28 per cent of users bought tickets to attend events outside their home country and international sales turnover has risen by 22 per cent on 2014.

“In Spain,” continues Uriarte, “after pouring time and resources towards increasing our potential in the music industry, sales of concert and festival tickets accounted for 65 per cent of our total sales, exceeding football for the first time.”

More than 52 per cent of the platform’s turnover comes from EMEA regions, with the highest revenue coming from the UK, Spain, France and Italy. The Americas account for 34 per cent of Ticketbis’ turnover while Australia, Japan and South Korea dominated the APAC region, which account for 13 per cent.

Since it first launched Ticketbis has been awarded €14m (£11m) in investment and is now preparing for a new round in 2016.