The SSE Arena, Wembley has installed a brand-new house lighting system in its 12,000 capacity auditorium that is set to lower costs, reduce emissions and open up the venue to potential new avenues of revenue from major sporting events.

SSE Enterprise Contracting, one of the largest contracting businesses in the UK, was tasked with the install, which began in late 2018. The work included the removal of 99 x 1500w halogen lamps with an hourly power use of 148KW, which only gave 300 maximum LUX across the auditorium floor. Once removed, the entire system was updated with 60 new LED lamp units.

The new units can provide up to 1,500LUX across the auditorium floor and have a maximum power rating of 964W. This means that the auditorium can be lit to the same level as previously with halogen lamps, using just 5% of the available power. This will lead to an estimated £80,000 saving per year in energy costs and maintenance requirements.

Peter Fewings, technical and building services director, The SSE Arena, Wembley, said: “We’re very happy with the install of the new lighting rig at The SSE Arena, Wembley. Not only are we saving in energy costs, but we can now also light the auditorium to a standard expected from major sporting events. We look forward to the new opportunities this system will open up to us as we continue to upgrade our lighting systems throughout the venue.”

Peter Ryde, SSE Enterprise contracting marketing manager, added: “At SSE Enterprise Contracting, we are collaborating with the industry’s leading technology companies to bring energy efficient innovation direct to our customers. This practice has ensured many organisations from local authorities to heavy industry to actively reduce their energy spend and meet their challenging carbon targets through employing the latest, future proof technology to ensure their facilities operate smart, greener and more effectively.”