Tech startup VRJAM, a real-time performance platform for live virtual and augmented reality on mobile devices, has launched the beta version of its technology.

The technology, which will be showcased at the Createch conference on 11 June, will enable users to create and share live, interactive cross reality (XR) performances with viewers around the world. Designed in consultation with Google, VRJAM’s technology allows content creators to project live performances into a 3D, animated world, creating an immersive experience for users.

At the Createch conference, the technology will be used to simulate the UK minister for culture and a Facebook executive inside virtual reality as 3D avatars, and three hours of speaker content from the conference will be live streamed via VRJAM so that remote users will be able to watch in VR.

VRJAM works by supplying a real-time motion capture, cloud computing and audio streaming solution to provide a life-like simulation of the creator’s content. This all takes place inside a dynamic, three-dimensional environment designed to reflect the venue where an event is taking place. Users and creators can co-exist in the immersive world as CGI avatars, interacting with each other and also the live event.

Sam Speaight, CEO and founder of VRJAM, commented: “We’ve developed a technology which is set to be a game-changer for the way XR content can be shared. Our cutting-edge platform provides an unrivalled, immersive way for businesses across different sectors to share content. By using innovative fast 5G streaming technology, global audiences will be able to tune into a live event, a conference, a business event, a sporting event or anything a brand is streaming – to experience it like never before, digitally reimagined.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created and we’re sure this will disrupt the way industries aim to reach new demographics.”