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The 19th Gumball Rally 3000 passed through London on 1 May, after beginning in Dublin the same morning.

The race closed down Regent Street in London for 10 hours as around 120 super-charged cars passed through. The race, named after its 3000-mile length, then left to continue its journey across the continent. It will finish in Bucharest on 7 May.

Bugattis, Ferraris and concept cars were paraded along the street and the event ended with a star-studded party attended by David Coulthard, David Hasselhoff and David Hayes.

Event management company Wilde Ones was supported by Sunbaba for the second time in three years. Sunbaba provided Wilde Ones with a bespoke backdrop for the stage, digitally printed with UV ink.

Dean Parker, Wilde One’s production manager said: “It is always a pleasure to work with Sunbaba, we have a good relationship as they perfectly understand our requirements and the Gumball Rally 3000 was no exception. It was a high profile project and we were happy to have them on board.”