PPV live-streaming service Stabal Media Group has appointed Joe Clegg as its new head of music, who will bring Artclub Live to the company.

Clegg, who is founder of production company Artclub Live, has previously worked with artists including Mumford and Sons, Ellie Goulding and Clean Bandit.

Artclub Live, a community of live music workers, will be incorporated into Stabal as a specialist division led by Clegg.

Stabal launched in 2018 and has production teams in both the UK and USA. It has since provided  online shows for artists such as 3 Doors Down, Kid Rock, Lee Brice, Bellowhead, Drake White and Chris Tomlin.

On the appointment, Clegg said, “With the return of live music on the horizon, I’m excited to be working with Stabal to create a division focussed on the integration of live music experiences and digital content.”

Stabal CEO Steve Odart said, “I am thrilled that Joe decided to join forces with us, and I am truly excited about the vision that he brings to the team. His ideas on how to enhance live tours and album launches, stretching beyond the physical constraints of geography and leveraging the power of digital, is clearly the future.”