​To celebrate the release of Floating Points’ new album, ‘Crush’,  Spotify & Ninja Tune have launched a bespoke website where fans can experience visuals paired with the audio as they listen to the album for the first time.

Additionally, on 19 October from 6pm BTS these visuals will be projected in Shoreditch’s Ely’s Yard.

The new website will enable fans to discover the new album in full whilst watching the visuals created by Hamill Industries, the artistic team behing th ‘Crush’ album artwork, the video for Floating Points’ single ‘Last Bloom’ and the Floating Points live shows. For this project, Hamill have recreated the album artwork exclusively in their studio.

The visuals will be projected into Ely’s Yard using projection mapping – a technique that allows the visuals to be manipulated to interact with the shape and details of the building’s exact dimensions.

Sam Shephard of Floating Points said: “Hamill Industries and I have been experimenting with projections for our live show and so the opportunity to bring these to a different environment and on such a big scale is really exciting.”

Anna Diaz of Hamill Industries added: “Creating these visuals is an organic, physical process where percussive elements of Sam’s music creates beautiful swirls of kaleidoscopic colours in the film of a bubble. As we wanted the liquids to interact with the shapes of the building, we designed proportional geometry around its architectural features by creating a physical model and creating the visuals by hand. By doing it this way, we stayed true to the spirit of the audio-reactive bubbles and all the analogue visual styles created by Floating Points, and it also made it more realistic and refined.”