The former financial controller at the Bose Corporation, Simon Mighall has joined the audio manufacturer Flare Audio.

Flare’s loudspeakers use the companies own patented technologies to deliver quality sound for performers on stage or in the studio. Last year ISOLATE® ear protectors raised over £2.2m on crowdfunding websites.

“Flare Audio exudes excitement and enthusiasm,” said Mighall. “When I met Davies and the other directors, I caught the bug. This company is destined for great things and I have an amazing opportunity joining Flare at such an early stage.

“When I joined Bose, it was similar in turnover to Flare’s today. Having been through a steep growth path with a company before, I understand the challenges Flare will face. Everything we put in place today has to be scalable for the future because that turnover is only going in one direction, upward,” Mighall added.

Flare Audio provides for venues such as Brighton Centre, Olympic Cinema, The Half Moon in Putney and Picture House Social in Sheffield.

John Banerjee, chairman of Flare Audio commented: “Simon will be instrumental in driving the commercialisation of Flare’s considerable body of intellectual property via new and exciting products in both consumer and pro-audio markets, in alignment with Flare’s long-term strategy.”