A UK manufacturer has seen demand for one its products soar in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sheffield-based Gripple, which manufactures wire joining devices and suspension systems, has received an influx of orders for InvisiGrip, for use in retail stores across Europe to suspend hygiene screens.

Earlier this year, Gripple launched InvisiGrip, the industry’s first translucent hanger solution for the discreet suspension of retail signage, decorations, acoustic panels and lighting. It is now being used in conjunction with protective screens at till points in retail businesses to offer shielding between the till operator and customer.

Retailers are taking additional precautions to protect customers and till operators which has driven the increased demand for a quick-to-install solution.

Product manager at Gripple, Will Anderson, said: “We launched InvisiGrip in 2020 to address the need for signage, acoustic and lighting suspensions. We had no idea it would be used in such an important safety application within the first year. We’re so pleased that our high-speed system can be used to prevent virus infection, with retailers and installers benefiting from the speed and ease of installation and adjustment and the extra protection it offers customers and employees.

“The Perspex screens being suspended by retailers are a critical measure in reducing the risk of virus transmission while people buy their essentials.

“The patented mechanism uses a clear filament to create a ‘floating’ effect, comes in ready-to-use kits, has a 5kg safe working load and can loop through, or around, most objects.

“The simple twist release unlocks both channels at once for easy one-step adjustment which significantly reduces the time required to work at height and requires no special training so can be quickly and easily installed by anyone.”