Culture, technology and entrepreneurship summit organiser REMIX has produced a report, commissioned by Eventbrite, debating the future of arts and culture ticketing along with the pros and cons of third party ticketing.

Simon Cronshaw, managing partner of the global REMIX summits and founder of, presented the report at the annual REMIX Summit in London.

Cronshaw commented: “The ticketing market is changing rapidly, and it can sometimes be hard for organisations to keep up. The report will hopefully act as a guiding light for what they should focus on, why harnessing tech can improve their ticket sales and how to do this most efficiently.”

Here are the seven trends that the report found could potentially have an impact on the future of the ticketing sector:


The report predicted that customer targeting technology will become increasingly advanced, with organisers able to target individuals with tailored offers and fundraising opportunities.

“Taking this one step further,” added the report. “Social targeting enables you to advertise to highly-focussed demographics with tools such as Adwords or Facebook. These replicate and amplify previous successes with similar groups.”

Selling ‘experiences’

The report pointed out that experiences from the arts sector are often conspicuously absent from popular gift experience sites.

It predicted that packing and selling arts events as experiences is an untapped market that might be on the brink of erupting, with food and drink bundles and VIP packages a distinct possibility.

Distributed sales

It is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to sell tickets themselves. The report predicted that tickets would increasingly be advertised through multiple channels including the physical box office, organiser websites, partner websites and aggregators.

Ticket to brand experience

How can a ticket become a gateway to a full user journey before, during and after an event? The report predicted that tickets will increasingly track users throughout their visit to provide a completely personal event experience.

Mobile giving

Philanthropy is set to change, said the report: “New sources of revenue can develop by integrating philanthropy into purchasing and onsite experiences. In addition to Gift Aid, facilitating donations through mobile giving, or rounding up the pennies on a purchase, offer important new revenue sources.”

On demand

On Demand viewing has fundamentally changed how viewers consumer television, and now it is set to change the face of ticketing.

New customers can be engaged, predicted the report, by bringing in passing traffic: “Platforms that specialise in hyperlocal listings, or in late availability promotions, can lead to new audiences – providing your ticketing systems can respond.”

Payment tech

Payment technology is undergoing major disruption, said the report. The growth of contactless and mobile payment means that there are countless opportunities for innovation in ticketing.

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