Losberger De Boer has recently constructed over 2000sqm of event space for Icons of Rugby 2018 – an event which brought rugby superstars together for a day of golf at Buckhinghamshire Golf Club.

The club saw over 20 stars play in a Ryder Cup-style format, with the southern hemisphere competing against the northern hemisphere.

It is part of a series of events which Losberger De Boer will be working on, including Icons of Fotball and Icons of Cricket in 2019.

At this year’s competition, Losberger De Boer constructed a massive Jumbo Hall to house the event’s hospitality facilities, including a fine dining restaurant and gin tasting experience.

The structure’s minimal internal supports ensured optimal use of the area and provided an unobstructed event space. The building was also fitted with a built-in ventilation system to create a more comfortable indoor climate for guests.

Tom Brookes, CEO and founder of Iconiqe said: “The Icons series is an unusual sporting event format, taking leading sports personalities from their natural sporting environments and asking them to compete against their peers on the golf course. The players are all fiercely competitive which only adds to the excitement.

“We needed an event venue that could adapt to our requirements and a supplier who could provide advice on how we could creatively get the most out of our hospitality areas – and that’s exactly the service we received from the Losberger De Boer team. I look forward to seeing what else we achieve over the next two Icons events.”