Interview with music producer Jon Craig:

Craig works on Cream Classical and Gatecrasher Classical handling production and engineering. He runs his own high end studio, Courthouse Studio.

“Mixing for radio is a totally different game to mixing for live. You have to consider how the track breathes on a live PA”

”Over the last 15 years there’s been huge shifts in dance music. I went from playing 600 capacity clubs, to big festivals”

“The youth are now very focused on EDM, which is what they call dance music in the USA. Europe was ahead of this curve with Ibiza and the like”

”I use a hybrid of vintage and modern equipment to get the sound I want. ADAM Audio is a brand I really trust”

”Artist wages have decreased significantly. Songwriters were earning Mariah Carey style wages back in 1994”

“Three of four years ago, when we were making the 1st orchestral dance shows, we had no idea how big it would get“