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Powtoon, a company which provides video services, has launched a new visual communication platform.

The platform brings the full lifecycle of video under one roof, from creation to internal management, distribution, tracking and analytics.

Powtoon has previously focused on creating video animations for internal communications, and is now expanding its services. It has worked with 96% of companies in the Fortune 500 over the last decade.

New features including screen capture, detailed avatar customisation, advanced management capabilities and detailed analytics will be rolled out.

The new visual communication platform is designed to make employees collaborate more effectively, gain alignment across departments, and increase productivity.

Ilya Spitalnik, Powtoon’s Founder, said, “Endless email threads, exhausting video calls, packed presentations – this is our daily reality as employees, as customers, as students. The rise of technology and remote working has made it even more challenging for individuals and organisations to communicate effectively and cut through the digital chaos.

“Here at Powtoon, we’ve made it our number one goal to help organisations harness the power of’“visuals’ to deliver positive communication experiences. With 10 years worth of insights from 30 million Powtoon users and virtually all Fortune 500 companies, we’re thrilled to introduce our all-inclusive, Visual Communication Platform to help companies communicate differently, effectively, and visually.