‘Kynren – An Epic Tale of England’ is set to return to Durham from 30 June – 15 September.

Billed as a journey of 2,000 years of history, myth and legend, performed across 90-minutes by a cast and crew of 1000, on a 7.5-acre stage – the scale of five football pitches, in front of an 8,000-seat amphitheatre.

Launched in 2016, this outdoor immersive event is forecast to receive half a million visitors by the end of 2020 season.

Kynren is performed by a cast and crew of 1,000. The 90-minute show, provides an immersive and entertaining time travel adventure through 2,000 years of history, myth and legend.

Kynren features ambitious sets, combat, stunts, horsemanship, epic pyrotechnics and special effects set to a thrilling original soundtrack.

These are the statistics related to one of the UK’s most spectacular live-action shows: ‘Kynren – An Epic Tale of England’.

  • In its third season and performed every summer, the show is set against the backdrop of Auckland Castle, Kynren aims to establish Bishop Auckland in County Durham as an international tourist destination, attracting visitors and investment, which will contribute to the economy of the area and look to empower the community.
  • Kynren echoes the Anglo Saxon word ‘cynren’, meaning generation, kin or family, and reflects the inspiration among those involved in the production. The action-packed summer spectacular guaranteed to amaze visitors of all ages, with breath-taking new stunts which will see a Roman Centurion dragged along the ground at speed, and performance riders jumping through fire in a new Civil War sequence.
  • The world class show is brought to life with magnificent sets, mass choreography, combat, stunts, horsemanship, stunning pyrotechnics and amazing special effects, including water jets and state of the art video projections. Fresh from working on the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, Steve Boyd returns as Kynren’s Creative Director to lead the outdoor spectacular, a thrilling live action show against a backdrop of world class special effects and amazing pyrotechnics.
  • Award-winning composer Nathan Stornetta has worked alongside film score master Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, The Dark Knight Rises, Pirates of the Caribbean), and has created Kynren’s epic soundtrack, that evokes drama and excitement.Also, new for 2018, Kynren, an Epic Tale of England will also commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War with emotional effects and an updated poignant narrative that acknowledges the role of women during the war and the Suffragette movement.