A new £400m investment fund has been established for London, which will be used for the hospitality and entertainment sectors, as well as education and healthcare.

The fund is established by Astarte Capital Partners, a global investment platform based across Europe, North America and Australia.

The group says the focus of the fund is on transforming ‘prime infill and edge-of-prime real estate into institutional-quality ‘future-core’ assets predominantly across Greater London.

Infill means the rededication of land in an open, urban spaces for new construction. Prime and edge-of-prime do not denote any geographical areas of London, but suggest investment into a largely Central area.

Astarte says the fund will initially be deployed across 8-10 investment opportunities, though it has not disclosed what these will be as of yet. Astarte Special Opportunities Platform (ASOP), the firm’s co-investment vehicle, is leading the investment in the new platform and providing its structure.

Astarte also says it “looks for asset opportunities driven by megatrends such as demographics, smart cities and sustainability.”

Teresa Farmaki, co-founder and partner of Astarte Capital Partners, said: “We strongly believe that this is the right time for institutional capital to be looking at London.

“Our new platform will give investors the opportunity to invest in edge-of-prime, off-market real estate in London, one of the most attractive markets in the world.”