July saw Liverpool host the spectacular Netball World Cup 2019 (NWC2019), and Max WiFi, suppliers of Internet solutions to the events industry, provided spectator WiFi to the capacity crowd of 7,000 within the M&S Bank Arena.

The collaboration between Max WiFi and the NWC2019 Team was formed at the MEI Summit held in Liverpool the previous year.

Jane Brown, head of tournament operations says: “the relationship between Max WiFi and NWC2019 has been superb and the brief has been matched exactly”.

Max WiFi worked closely with both the technical team at the M&S Bank Arena and Bob Caple, the technical & broadcast Manager for NWC2019.  The installation involved designing and manufacturing bespoke mounting brackets that were then installed in the roof space allowing WiFi access points to hang beneath the lights and speakers to increase coverage and to reduce interference.

“We developed such a close relationship with the venue and everybody knew how important it was to make the WiFi network a success that we were given permission to install the equipment three months ahead of the tournament,” commented Barny Bidwell, Max WiFi senior network architect.  This allowed for testing and tweaking to ensure the best coverage possible. 

“It’s critical when designing a network to facilitate density and coverage. So many devices and people in such a small space creates many technical issues for WiFi so each of our access points carried a directional antenna allowing us to focus each antenna on to a group of 50 seats and thereby ensuring that everyone had a good experience. This meant that during the event we dealt with 21,115 unique clients who downloaded 16Tb and uploaded 17TB of data in just nine days.”

Director, Richard Hughes, added: “The NWC2019 presented significant challenges as WiFi for 7,000 people and their multiple devices is very difficult to achieve. However, working alongside the IT team at the M&S Bank Arena, we were able to form a virtual IT Team that created the essential time to plan, test, develop and finally deploy a world class WiFi network to support a world class sporting event”.

Max WiFi provide Internet solutions globally and have worked across Europe, America and Asia providing WiFi, CCTV, People Counting Cameras and Voice Services.

Drone Seeker is Max WiFi’s latest development offering an early warning of drone intrusion to any event. The solution identifies the pilot location and tracks the flight path of the Drone. Its airspace security team also work in tandem with event security to identify and analyse risk and to develop solutions to mitigate that risk.