Organisers of Lumiere London have ruled out a repeat of the event, citing the intensive planning and preparation that was involved in the inaugural January 2016 show.

Helen Marriage, director of events company Artichoke, which organised the festival, said: “These events take a long time to plan. Work started on Lumiere London 2016 in the summer of 2013, and although a second version wouldn’t take quite so long to put together, there are currently no plans for a similar event in 2017.”

Lumiere lit up central London with 30 light displays and attracted more than one million visitors.

Mayor Boris Johnson said: “It was a dazzling showcase of creativity that brought a wonderful burst of imagination, wit and colour to the streets of central London, underpinning the capital’s status as a great world city for culture.

“In the middle of cold, dark January, we were astounded by the crowds, which exceeded all our expectations and brought a boost to the West End and King’s Cross.”